15 Creative Activities for Preschoolers: How to Encourage Play and Learning

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How do you keep creative play alive in the preschool years? What are some creative activities for preschoolers that foster learning and development? These creative activities promote creative thinking, exploration, and experimentation. Creative play is crucial to a child’s emotional well-being as well as intellectual growth. In this article, we will discuss 20 creative art activities for preschoolers that can be done with items found around the house.

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Why is creative expression important for kids?

Creative expression is important for kids because creativity helps them absorb an understanding of the world and learn problem-solving skills. Creating allows children to develop skills like:

  • figuring out how to use their imagination
  • creative thinking
  • creative production
  • problem solving
creative activities for preschoolers / puppets

Creative expression fosters:

The creative arts have proven to be as important for mental health as physical health.

Childhood creative arts are a crucial part of child development. They play an essential role in intelligence test scores, creativity levels, social competencies, and other important developmental milestones.

Creative expression is embedded into the arts in a variety of ways:

  • imagination
  • creative thinking
  • production skills

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How do you encourage creativity skills?

Creativity can be harnessed by creating an environment that encourages creativity to blossom. Simply give your child plenty of opportunities to explore.

What are creative art activities for preschoolers?

Many creative play ideas for children involve similar themes or techniques like painting with watercolors or creative sensory activities that involve exploring textures with rice or beans.

Children can also explore craft ideas like making a paper plate mask to play dress up.

If you’re looking for more creative preschooler art activity inspiration, check out these creative ideas!

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15+ Creative Activities For Preschoolers:

1. Create a mask with paper plates.

2. Sing a variety of songs and play instruments.

3. Draw self-portraits using media like:

  • crayons
  • pastels
  • chalk
  • watercolors

4. Pretend you are an animal and explore the house. (This creates awareness of environmental spaces.)

5. Plant a garden straight from your imagination. Kids can create their own personal gardens. This is a great way to link art form with science.

6. Paint outside on sidewalks and driveways (with watercolors, paint with water or chalk).

7. Write and illustrate stories. Children can collaborate to create a story or use different techniques like drawing, coloring, imaginative writing. This activity helps kids figure out how they want their drawings to look by trying different things. Creative expression is the keystone of play!

Develop a creative story time at home or in the classroom with these ideas:

8. Write and illustrate one page of the children’s favorite book.

9. Invent a character that has never been seen before! Draw it, write about it, or use puppets as characters in an imaginative play. Parents can get involved by helping the child create using art and craft materials.

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10. Start an at-home storytime with the following supplies:

  • construction paper for projects like making puppets or illustrated books
  • markers
  • pencils
  • glitter glue pens
  • stickers of all varieties
  • textured objects like rice or beans to explore creative sensory activities
  • crayons

11. Make creative masks with paper plates.

12. Teach children how to draw portraits using different media like watercolors, pastels, or colored pencils.

The sky is the limit with creative art activities for preschoolers!


Creative Games

Play creative games like:

13. “What’s missing” game – Think of an object and have a partner try to guess the object just by looking at your creative drawing.

14. Create your own puppet show! – This activity promotes imagination, creative thinking, and creative production skills.

15. “What’s on the other side?” game – Children can use crayons to represent a scene (side A) then draw or paint what is happening on the other side of the paper using watercolor paints.

16. “What if?” creative game – The questioner says, “What if you could fly,” and the other players create a scene with their imagination.

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Creative Materials For Preschoolers:

  • Plastic containers from food items (like yogurt cups)
  • Paint in various colors
  • Washable markers
  • Paper cups and plates
  • Safety scissors
  • Paint brushes
  • Brown rice or beans (to explore textures)
  • Rice krispies/corn flakes (for creative sensory play activities) – Paper plate masks to have a dress up party with friends! To make these masks, cut the paper plate in half so that you have two semicircles. Cut out eye holes and decorate with markers or crayons
  • Tape
  • Construction Paper- for creative art projects like making a mask, collages, masks
  • Stickers – children can explore materials by purposefully selecting which stickers to use where.
  • Toothpicks – for creative art projects like making a mask, collages
  • Paper lunch bags – children can explore materials by purposefully selecting which stickers to use where
  • Finger paint
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Felt- for creative crafts and activities such as apples or flowers
  • Beads and other small items for stringing/buttoning onto felt
  • Straws – for creative art projects like collages, masks, creative sensory activities or making an oatmeal container into a teapot. Cut the tops off and tape the back on the top so that you have two openings.
  • Pencils – for creative art projects like collages and masks (using the same instructions as paper plate masks)

What is creative expression in early childhood?

Creative expression is important for kids because it helps them understand the world and learn problem-solving skills.

  • Creative expression fosters emotional well-being, cognitive development, and a general feeling of happiness in children.
  • The creative arts are as important for mental health as physical health.
  • Creative art activities help children develop skills like creative thinking and problem solving.

How do you encourage creativity?

Creativity can be encouraged by creating an environment where people have the chance to express themselves. Allow children to explore art activities.

Encourage them to express their ideas. Promoting creative thinking and creativity in preschoolers is important throughout the year.

Summary – Creative Activities For Preschool Children

In this article, you learned about some creative activities for preschoolers that can be done at home. From creative art projects to games and materials. We covered it all. These creative activities will encourage children to explore and develop a lifelong love of learning!

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